FAQ on Virtual Labs Workshops

Q1. What is a Virtual Labs Workshop ?

    Virtual Labs Team organizes workshops with hands-on practice sessions on Virtual Labs for interested Science & Engineering Institutions. The sessions are conducted for faculty members and students of interested institutes upon expression of their interest for Virtual Labs workshop.

Q2. Who can request for a Virtual Labs Workshop ?

    Workshops can be requested by faculty members or college/institute management of the interested Science & Engineering Institutions.

Q3. Who can participate in the workshop ?

    All interested faculty and students of the college/institutes can participate in the workshop.

Q4. What are the system requirements for the Online version of the Virtual Labs Workshop ?

    For a Online version of the Virtual Labs workshop to be conducted, your college/institute would have to meet the following system requirements:

    System configuration (Recommended)

    • Browser: Firefox, Chrome
    • Plugins: Flash, Java 1.6 version, and IcedTea
    • JavaScript should be enabled on the browser
    • No pop-up blockers
    • Internet connection (1 Mbps) and a multimedia projector

Q5. What are the other requirements for the Online version of the Virtual Labs Workshop ?

    For a Online version of the Virtual Labs workshop to be conducted , your college/institute would have to meet the following requirements:

    • The college/institute should be a Central/State University or institute/college approved by AICTE/UGC.
    • The college/institute must have an auditorium with a seating capacity of at least 100 and a designated/common lab space having 35 PCs or more.
    • In the event that the Internet operates behind a firewall, the specific communication ports 3306, 5900, 5902, and 8700 would need to be opened to facilitate Virtual Labs network traffic.
    • Java must be downloadable through the Internet and Gmail must be accessible.
    • Vlabs web page should be accessible from the browser.
    • Lab-level and experiment-level feedback links ( within a lab) should be working within the institute network.

Q6. How can I request for a Workshop to be conducted at my college?

    You can request for a workshop to be conducted at your college by following the below steps :

    1. Please make sure that the requirements (offline College Cloud version/online version) are met.
    2. Fill the Expression of Interest form.
    3. You would be contacted by the Virtual Labs Outreach Team.
    4. On confirmation from the Virtual Labs team on the workshop date (as filled in the Expression of Interest) , you would need to download a checklist form for online version and/or a checklist form for offline College Cloud version. You would then need to mail the duly fill/scanned form to workshops@vlabs.ac.in .
    5. On receipt of the above form, Virtual Labs Outreach Team would conduct the workshop on the scheduled date at your premises.

Q12. Does my college have to pay for the workshops ?

    College/Institute will have to pay for the travel,lodging and boarding for two Virtual Labs representatives.

Q13. Where can I get support on Virtual Labs Workshops ?
Q14. What are the terms and conditions for using Virtual Labs in your college ?

    There is no financial liability on any party for using Virtual Labs. It is free to use.

    • The Institute/College cannot charge students for the use of Virtual Labs.
    • The institute/college must nominate a single point of contact for all logistical and technical coordination between the institute and Virtual Labs.

Q15. Where have the Virtual Labs workshops been conducted ?

    Please follow the link to view the list of colleges where Virtual Labs Workshops have been conducted.